It's Belgium's furry convention.
An event dedicated to anthropomorphic characters and a gathering place for all furries and their friends.

Where can I talk with other attendees?

Outside of our official Telegram channel where the Flüüfff announcements are posted, there is also a Telegram discussion group where you can chat and socialize online before the convention.

Moar News!

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Rules of conduct?

Our policies are available for all to see; you can see them in the Policies section.


The official language of the convention is English.
The hotel staff will be happy to help you either in Dutch, French or English.
If you're not 100% at ease with English, don't worry. Please call someone from the convention Staff and we'll find someone to help you in French, Dutch or German!

Who's the beaver?

He's our mascot! He's a friendly and resourceful, but a bit of a clumsy shrinking violet. Whatever materials are given to him, he'll put his mind and heart into it and try to build something nice with them.
He doesn't have a name yet. Upon registration, we'll ask you to suggest one for him and a vote will be organised. A good way for you to get more involved in Flüüfff!

Important dates

25th of February 2017 - Registration Opens
2nd to 5th November 2017 - It's convention time!

I have several questions!

Take a look in the FAQ section and if you don't find your answer, drop us a line at — we'll get back to you.


  • Minigolf competition
  • Board and card games nights
  • Treasure hunts
  • Fursuit walks in the dunes
  • Beer making and tasting panel
  • … and much more to come!

The staff

Board of Boardies

IT Team


Bureau of Fursuit Affairs

Registration Team

Website design & Print

Stage Crew / DJ / Night Club



Dealers Den