Rules of conduct

These rules and conditions apply to all attendees of the convention. Flüüfff likes to present itself as a professional convention of friendly, respectful, and open-minded members of the furry community and their friends. To avoid any misunderstandings about what kind of behaviour is generally acceptable at an event like Flüüfff, you are expected to follow these rules. Please make sure that you read and understand them. Also keep in mind that these rules are in effect during the whole convention time, including possible early arrival and late departure days.

Registration and Badges

General Behaviour


Clothing and Decency

Flüüfff wants to be as tolerant and welcoming as possible towards all attendees. This means we wish to be as permissive as possible, as long as this does not cause offense among other attendees and people who share the public spaces. We are also more likely to be more permissive in our judgements in the evenings and at night, as opposed to during office hours.

Alcohol and Drugs

General Hotel Rules

Hotel Rooms and Privacy

Weapons, Look-Alikes, and Dangerous Items

Commercial Activity

Photography and Video

Pets and Animals

The Bottom Line

Please contact for all inquiries regarding our policies and terms and conditions We hope you will have a great time!